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GTzone Ultimate Guide to Car Head Units

What is Car Head Unit?

by marketing gt 06 May 2024

What is Car Head Unit?


In today's fast-paced world, cars are more than just a mode of transportation; they are an extension of our lifestyle and personality. One of the key components that can enhance your driving experience is the car head unit. This comprehensive guide will delve into the what, why, where, who, whom, and how of car head units, exploring their evolution, functionality, benefits, and much more.

The image shows a car infotainment system displaying the Apple CarPlay interface. The screen features various app icons including Phone, Music, Maps, Messages, Now Playing, Car, Podcasts, and Audiobooks. The status bar at the top indicates the time as 10:07, the presence of a 4G connection, and signal strength. Additionally, there are notifications visible, such as 6 unread messages and 584 unread messages in the Messages app. The screen is surrounded by head unit.

What is Head Unit?

  • Definition and Overview:
    • A car head unit, also known as a car stereo, is the centerpiece of a vehicle's audio and multimedia system. Sometime, It also refers as "infotainment systems" too.
  • Evolution:
    • From the traditional AM/FM radios to modern touchscreen displays with advanced connectivity features, car head units have come a long way.
A couple is enjoying the in-car entertainment that bring from their carplay system.

Why Car Head Units Matter:

  • Multimedia Integration:
    • Seamless integration of smartphones, MP3 players, and streaming services for an immersive entertainment experience.
  • Connectivity Options:
    • Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and wireless technologies enable hands-free calling, music streaming, and smartphone mirroring.
  • Navigation and GPS:
    • Built-in GPS navigation systems provide real-time directions and traffic updates for stress-free driving.
A location logo is placed on a map.

Where to Find Car Head Units:

  • Gt-zone Auburn Store:
  • Gt-zone Website: 
    • Gt-zone website offers Next-day Shipping, Free Shipping over $100, Click & Collect service.
  • Local Dealers: 
    • Locate a nearby dealer and inquire about the availability of the product in their stores.
A happy man is wiping his car at the sunset time.

Who Benefits from Car Head Units:

  • Car Enthusiasts:
    • Those who enjoy customizing their vehicles and upgrading audio systems to achieve superior sound quality and functionality.
  • Commuters:
    • Drivers who spend a significant amount of time on the road benefit from features like hands-free calling, navigation, and entertainment options.
  • Families:
    • Head units with rear-seat entertainment systems like Youtube, Netflix and Games keep passengers entertained during long journeys, making road trips more enjoyable for everyone.
A professional automotive mechanic who is smiling and holding a spanner.

Whom to Consult for Car Head Unit Installation:

  • Professional Installers:
    • Car audio technicians and installation experts ensure proper fitting, wiring, and integration of head units with existing vehicle systems.
  • DIY Enthusiasts:
    • For those with technical skills and experience, DIY installation can be a cost-effective option, but it requires careful planning and execution. Check out our Youtube Channel for Installation Tutorials.
Question mark: How to Choose the Right Car Head Unit?

How to Choose the Right Car Head Unit:

  • Compatibility:
    • Ensure compatibility with your vehicle's make, model, and year, as well as existing audio components and wiring.
  • Features and Functionality:
    • Consider factors like touchscreen interface, audio output options, navigation capabilities, smartphone integration, and expandability.
  • Budget:
    • Determine your budget range and prioritize features based on your preferences and requirements.
  • Brand Reputation:
    • Research reputable brands known for reliability, performance, and customer support to make an informed decision.


Car head units play a pivotal role in modernizing and personalizing the driving experience. Whether you're a music aficionado, a tech-savvy commuter, or a family road trip enthusiast, investing in the right head unit can transform your vehicle into a mobile entertainment hub. By understanding the what, why, where, who, whom, and how of car head units, you can make informed choices that enhance your on-road experience and elevate your journey to new heights.


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