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GTzone Ultimate Guide to Car Head Units

How to install a Head Unit From A to Z Tutorial

by marketing gt 26 Jun 2024

How To Upgrade An Old Car Radio To A Touchscreen Apple Carplay & Android Auto Head Unit

Upgrading a car stereo in an old car isn't as challenging as it may seem. In fact, it's easier than you might think. You don't need to be a professional mechanic to do it—just follow these five steps. Before starting, make sure you have the right tools. The right tools make the job simpler and easier.

Step 1: Get The Right Head Unit.

For this example, we'll use a Toyota Kluger Grande 2017. This model is moderately difficult and requires an additional tool, an electrical cutter. However, most cars won’t need this.

If your car is a different model, visit the GTZone homepage and search for your car by brand, model, and year. If you're unsure whether you're buying the correct unit, contact us. Our customer representatives are always ready to help. Different dashboards require different fascias, so it's crucial to double-check to avoid getting the wrong one.

Once you've confirmed your purchase, place the order and wait for your parcel. Your package should have the following items:

  • Head Unit x1

  • Fascia x1

  • Harness x1

  • GPS Antenna x1

  • Cellular Antenna x1

  • RCA Cable x1

  • USB Cable x2

Step 2: Head Unit Removal.

a person is removing old fascia with a removal tool

You may need a spreader knife and screwdriver to help you remove the fascia and old head unit.a guy is undoing the screws by using professional tool, electrical screwdriver

If you're not sure how to remove your old head unit, you can go to Youtube and search for "your car brand model year" head unit removal. There are heaps of videos available.

Step 3: Plug In.

A guy is connecting the head unit through the new harness provided by gtzone.

After removing your old head unit, plug in all the cables and antennas to your new head unit. Connect the harness to your car and then to the new head unit. You are now halfway done.

Step 4: Put Things Back.

Replace everything you removed in Step 2, such as screws and the fascia. Ensure everything is securely fastened!

Step 5: Live!

Turn your car key to the power level to switch on the new head unit. Check all functionalities like apple carplay, android auto and navigation GPS to ensure everything is working correctly.

Additional Resources


For visual learners, we have tutorial videos available on our YouTube channel. If you prefer to have someone else do the installation, we can help too. Sydney's customers can book an appointment for a professional installation at our location.

If you want to learn how to connect your phone to the head unit, please visit here, you will learn how to connect wirelessly by using bluetooth. 

By visiting our blog posts, you can also learn about what Apple Carplay and Android Auto can bring to you to improve your in-car entertainment and driving experience. 

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